5am. Brain spinning, thoughts swirling.

I fall into a pit once again and i’m trapped by indecisiveness.

Make the decision you hate the most and crawl out.

Or sit and wallow in your confusion and do it all again.

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'Linklater - On Cinema & Time' by Kogonada

I’m in love with Richard Linklater’s movies. Over the past couple of weeks i’ve crammed in as many Linklater films as I can. All his films share a common theme of time and in this short little piece we here his thoughts on this theme and how it plays a pivotal role in cinema. Enjoy!

'Interdependence' by Tomas Mankovsky

A short nostalgic piece looking at the purity of growing up. Shot beautifully and in a way which feels so organic, it really makes you think about those childhood days of growing up and being free to run wild. Enjoy guys! - Will

'SHAKE' by Carli Davidson

Wet dogs. With a super slow motion camera. This is amazing.

'Boats' by Justin Dec

Hilarious short film depicting the inside of a film executive pitching room. So on point, it really does make you think about the current state of the film industry given that a good chunk of the film’s nowadays are sequels & prequels. Enjoy Guys!

'JACK' by Grace Jackson

Beautiful little documentary about a 93 year old man living on his own in the woods. Pretty moving stuff listening to the man’s outlook on life and his thoughts on his wife passing away. Great stuff - enjoy!

'Palm Springs' by Conor Whelan

Awesome retro inspired animation depicting life in Palm Springs. Great colours and extremely fluid. Enjoy!

'Tartine Bread' by 4SP Films

Beautiful little short about a bread connoisseur’s work and his venture into opening a bakery in San Francisco. Fascinating stuff and always great watching somebody with a real passion for something. Enjoy!

'Last Day Dream' by Chris Milk

Was really moved by this. A look at the fragility of life and the moments that occupy it. Your life is defined by only a handful of memories, some good, some bad. If you stand back and really think about it, life is so ephemeral and it really moves at at the blink of a eye. The film captures this so beautifully. I hope you enjoy!

'Pictures' by Gioacchino Petronicce

Gioacchino travelled around the world for 3 years taking pictures. Here’s the result. Beautiful.

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